Generate leads and grow your customer database as new prospects sign up to get out of stock notifications for WooCommerce!

Your Shopper’s Journey

What happens when a product is out of stock?

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Shopper lands on an out of stock product.

Right After

They’re disappointed the product they want isn’t available but see a “Request Stock Notification” button. They fill it out, hoping it will come back in stock soon.

After Leaving Your Shop

They go to Google and search for a similar product to your out of stock item, because they want to make a purchase now.

While Shopping On a Competitor's Store

Your potential customer receives a text message with your product recommendation and impulsively clicks the link, pulling them into a new browser window away from your competition and directly to your in stock product.

Purchase Made by New Customer

Since they've already researched your store and product they're ready to make a purchase. The potential customer becomes a new customer.

Features Included

Notify Customers About Back in Stock Products

When customers sign up for out of stock notifications they’ll instantly be notified when a product is back in stock allowing them to make a purchase immediately. Our system allows you to send Email or Text (SMS) messages.

Smart Notifications

Throttle notifications to customers over time to save leads and reduce server load.

For example you have 300 shoppers on a list but only 100 products in your inventory. Traditional plugins and systems will send out notifications to your entire list wasting your precious leads. Our system will stop sending notifications once inventory level is depleted. 


Stock thresholds

Enable, disable and set minimum stock threshold levels before users are notified that a product is back in stock. You can set these globally and at the product level.

Integration with Google Analytics

Easily enable rich data tracking with your store’s Google Analytic account tracking source, medium and campaign.

Upsell & Alternative Products

Satisfy your customer’s urge to take action even when your product is out of stock by adding a notify me button. Fulfill their need to make a purchase by offering them an alternative product while they wait for the other product to become available.


Customizable Settings

Easily customize things like the “Notify Me” button, opt in disclaimer and message text. There’s too many to list so keep scrolling :)

Automatic Stock Syncing

Whether you update stock directly from WooCommerce or a third party stock management system, our dashboard will automatically sync with Woo to get the most up to date information.


Back-in-stock text message notifications yield a significant higher conversion rate than traditional marketing.
Text message communication is often underutilized, which gives you the opportunity to get ahead and build your list now!

Text messages have a 20 times higher response rate over traditional marketing efforts.

Why not…

…and stop losing customers to out-of-stock products.