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Amazon focuses on giving quality recommendations that help customers make decisions easily while also increasing sales. It’s estimated that nearly a third of Amazon sales come from it’s recommendation engine. Give your store a smart recommendation engine like Amazon that increases your sales, while helping your customers.

Add Machine Learning to Your WooCommerce Store

AI isn’t just for fortune 500 companies anymore. They want you to think you can’t afford it, but with the Emptive platform we’re making AI and machine learning accessible to all stores so you can be a part of the AI revolution.
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Future Proof Your Product Data

Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence are changing the way the world operates. The e-commerce industry is at the forefront of this transformation. To utilize future advances in technology your company needs to collect product data but not just sales data. To truly understand product performance and customer need you also need to collect how your customers interact with your products.

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Easily Connect Your Store

Our easy setup requires no coding or plugin download. If by chance you run into any issues our support can help you!

Auto Sync & Analyze Data

Machine Learning technology analyzes product and order data to automatically develop “Frequently Bought Together” recommendations.

Happy Customers

Easy start showing recommendations to your customers, track conversions, clicks and engagement. Gain insight into your products and how they are connected to each other. Use that data to make calculated decisions and offerings that drive sales.

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"The company reported a 29% sales increase to $12.83 billion....that growth arguably has to do with the way Amazon has integrated recommendations into nearly every part of the purchasing process from product discovery to checkout. "